100 Reviews in 100 Days: Preamble


Why review 100 books of poems in the next 100 days? Between the last two AWP Conferences (Boston, Seattle), little volcanoes of poesy have been erupting and spilling all over my living room floor. At one point, I thought, either read ‘em or haul ‘em to the Goodwill and be done with them—they’re worse than weeds grown rank in beds of contagion! Better yet, why not review them? That would require a certain kind of attention/devotion to the task at hand. So here’s what. No snarky sniping. No puff pieces. Rather, one sentence for each book to capture . . . time spent. Flash reviews! Whether words of enticement (a keeper) and/or warning (a skipper) I cannot yet say. How could I? After each sentence, I will save room for any Disclosures (friends, enemies, familiars, strangers) and Favorites (up to three suggested poems to peruse first). My thanks to John Deming for asking to run these serial installments at Coldfront.

Here we go . . .

#1 — Cunt Norton by Dodie Bellamy (3/17/14)

#2 — Debts and Lessons by Lynn Xu (3/18/14)

#3 — Natural History Rape Museum by Danielle Pafunda (3/19/14)

#4 — Clean by David J. Daniels (3/20/14)

#5 — Never Lend Your Umbrella to a Submarine and Other Poems for Younger Readers by Bill Knott (3/21/14)

#6 — Liner Notes by Andy Mister (3/22/14)

#7 — A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver (3/23/14)

#8 — Full Foreground by Roberto Tejada (3/24/14)

#9 — Straight Razor by Randall Mann (3/25/14)

#10 — Chapel of Inadvertent Joy by Jeffrey McDaniel (3/26/14)

#11 — The Devotional Poems by Joe Hall (3/27/14)

#12 — Urban Tumbleweed by Harryette Mullen (3/28/14)

#13 — If I Don’t Breathe How Do I Sleep by Joe Wenderoth (3/29/14)

#14 — Enduring Freedom by Laura Mullen (3/30/14)