“25 Cent Giraffes” by Lifetime


(nibs) One, Two, Three, Four…

Eighteen years.  Boston Newbury Comics, Harvard Square.  After Vermont.  Skateboarding.  The first last show in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  After the first set, they cleared the venue to play a second for everyone outside.  First trip to California with my brothers who mostly stayed. Falling in love.  Heartbreak.  Crutches numerous times.  Books.  Busses.  Trains.  “At the airport, in the morning.”  Countless miles.  Numerous mixes.  The breakdowns, in the music.  Free bagels for life after calling out this song in San Louis Obispo.  When we drove everywhere.  When we lived falling down in parking lots.  “She grew wings, and I grew wheels.”  Coast to coast.  Back.  Love.  Heartbreak.  Broken rib at the Stone Pony, Asbury Park.  Hugging the sweatiest strangers. “Would you still walk home with me?” The music, through the breakdowns.  Every-fucking-time.  “When the saddest sun sets down…”  Whose hand is on my shoulder?  “Will I see you at the show?”

-Russell Dillon

409597_10100224476808674_336587114_nRussell Dillon is the author of the poetry collection Eternal Patrol and the chapbook Secret Damage.  This year he will be a James Merrill fellow at the Vermont Studio Center, a bartender all over the place, and editor of Big Bell.

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