Syracuse Poster Project

syracuse poster project

The Syracuse Poster Project is heading into its 14th year, as visual artists from Syracuse University work in partnership with local poets to create a set of 16 different posters highlighting diverse aspects of the city’s community. Each poster presents an illustrated poem, and according to the Poster Project’s website, “The Project enlivens the city, builds community, and spreads its value by selling poster prints and poster-related products.”

Interested parties are invited to participate in one of several ways. Poets local to or familiar with Syracuse may submit poems for possible inclusion in the project, and all are invited to make a donation to ensure the Project’s continued existence and success. Finally, the Project also sells an impressive collection of art objects, including posters, note cards, postcards and haiku booklets, all of which help to fund the Project, as it does not receive any monetary assistance for the government or any other public source.