New Poetweet Makes Poems of Your Tweets


A new project called Poetweet allows Twitter users to combine their tweets with poetry.

The project, based out of a cultural center in São Paulo, Brazil, allows one to “plug in a Twitter handle, choose from a sonnet, rondel or indriso style poem and in a minute, it generates a masterpiece,” according to John Colucci of engadget. The resulting poems, many of which Colucci calls “nonsensical,” are randomly generated combinations of tweets that happen to rhyme.

Colucci offers up his own experiment with Poetweet as an example. He selected the sonnet as a form, and he says that the result was “a bewildering look into the past two weeks of [his] life.” Admittedly, Colucci’s poem was mostly “gibberish.” Nevertheless, users may find the occasional inspirational gem of a line through using Poetweet.

Try it here.