“A History of Modern Dance” by Open Mike Eagle


A friend recently showed me this song, which I’ve remained pretty obsessed with despite the insane amount of times I’ve listened to it. What I love about this song, continue to love—besides the mesmerizing, avant garde/industrial beat; the hilarious, sometimes cutty, references to mainstream dance trends (“and they trying to cat daddy, I’m hella allergic”)—is how it extends the definition of dance, modern dance, to daily human interactions.. flirtation specifically, but maybe not wholly. (“First step is intention, second step is a glance, Then divine intervention, Mixing Science Religion, Pretending like we giants, Promise I was the biggestTwo strangers passing on the metro, what were the chances”) Suddenly, flirting, chance run-ins, that shift from chance to fate that comes with attraction, the performances we put on for specific people in specific contexts, all become styles of an art-form, echoes of past dances or historical movements in themselves (flirtation repeats itself, ah). A part of a craft that you could potentially perfect, but also, hopefully, make your own. Also the video is awesome.

-Haley Rene Thompson

HaleyTPicHaley Rene Thompson is a poet who studies at Umass Amherst, and is an editor for Slope Editions. Some of her work can be found online in notnostrums, iO: A Journal of New American Poetry, Everyday Genius, Interrupture, and Smoking Glue Gun. Her chapbook, Coos & Ons, is forthcoming from Dikembe Press.

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