A Week in Poet Interviews

Great interviews with poets were conducted this week, here’s a round-up.

At Stated Magazine, Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz:

“Poetry, to me, allows you complete access to another person’s life. Without the constraints of needing to necessarily “tell a story,” a poet can focus on just an event, or just a person, or just an object, or even an emotion, and that focus allows the poet to unlock an insight into what life was really like for them.”

And there’s another interview with Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz at MONKEYBICYCLE.

At BOMB, Nate Pritts:

“What’s at stake for me is POETRY over the POEM, that I am much more interested now in developing an askesis of living, a process whereby I can live and feel. I don’t think of myself as writing a poem. For me, it’s time to focus on POETRY—the poetry of living, of thinking, of being human.”

At Vouched, a series of Awful Interviews with participants of the recent Over the Top Tour, Tyler Gobble, Brian Oliu, Christopher Newgent and Matt Bell:

“I think a lot of people go on book tours with the idea that they’re going to sell books, or get some kind of local fame, or some other kind of promotional goal. Nothing wrong with any of that, I guess, but if I had to choose I think I’d pick adventure over sales, memories over fame.” : Matt Bell

-Abby Koski