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Coldfront Magazine, founded in 2006 by Graeme Bezanson, John Deming, and Melinda Wilson, is a place where poets and critics write about new poetry and poets write about music. Our goal is to provide expert journalistic and critical coverage of contemporary poetry, which is growing by leaps and bounds and sees the publication of at least 2,000 new books each year. We are committed to covering the development of American language and lyricism, whether that means bringing you the latest poetry-related newsreviews of new books, or features covering a wide-range of poetry, music and language-related issues (including interviews with top American poets). Everyday in this morning we point to a new, bite-sized sampler of online poetry, handpicked by our crack staff and network of diligent tipsters. And each month at our Poets Off Poetry section, you can find a new essay in which an American poet considers what music s/he listens to and why—and includes a poem that is more or less inspired by the process.

Find out more in our Submissions and Masthead pages. Beyond and all else, happy browsing.