“Alison” by Elvis Costello


You were standing in line for airport security, and there he was walking by with a messenger bag slung across his chest and so you call his name and he comes right over, lifting the black snake of the dividing rope and embracing you as if it hasn’t been nine years and you think your heart fluttered just a little bit, like a stunned bird rising after it hits a plate glass window, just the barest movement at first, but soon up and shaking out its feathers in the dust and fallen petals from the marigold plant underneath the window, and then it launches itself back into flight, and you stand there watching it and wonder how many rocks it would take from a slingshot to knock it out of the sky for good, and “Alison” comes on over the airport sound system and you remember that some love songs are not really love songs at all.

-Janeen Armstrong

armstrongjaneenheadshot-1Janeen Armstrong is a single mom who lives and writes in Port Townsend, Washington. She has worked as a freelance journalist and wrote a parenting blog for ClubMom. She has studied with Lidia Yuknavitch and Gary Copeland Lilly. Recently, her work has appeared in NAILED. She is the Reader Services Coordinator at Copper Canyon Press.

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