“All Around” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy


There are many songs about sex and love. Or sex. Or love. But the sensuality in “All Around” is different. A panic, a desperation, a tenderness, a viscerality take this song beyond.

“All Around” moves from being many places, a potential abandonment, a vastness, to an exploration of bringing that untouchable expanse back, to one place, this place, where two are together: sensing, protecting.

All around we leave and you leave me, but all around we come back together and experience each other, all around. The idea of escape becomes so hyper-real, hyper-sexual, with the shocking shift in sense: all around your left buttock…all around your every curve I hope to go tonight. The physicality of touch, another’s body, then also transformed: I just need an evening with someone nice to hide me. Wistfulness becomes sex in the raw, an emotional weakness laid bare. The desperation, the tenderness, the fear and the hope remain.

-Rebekah Boudon

rebekah boudonRebekah Boudon teaches at LaGuardia Community College, works at Ugly Duckling Presse, and usually lives in Brooklyn.

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