An evening at Yardmeter 16

Saturday, February 12th saw the 16th installment of the Brooklyn-based reading series Yardmeter, curated by Jared WhiteFarrah Field, and Shelton Walsmith. It featured a brief talk by featured artist, Stephen Olivier, followed by  a reading from poet Billy Merrell, music by David Brown, poetry from Julian T. Brolaski, and a writing and photography collaboration by Dana Matthews and Richard Giles.

In addition to writing poetry, Brolaski also plays country music with Juan & the Pines.  He sang two songs: “Down by the Border,” a retranslation of a Carter Family song called “East Virginia Blues No. 1,” and “Gowanus Canal,” which is a murder ballad written about the Gowanus Canal. He read poems from his newly released book, gowanus atropolis (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011). Here’s the set-list:

1. [WAR MESSAGE] we dont want yr tools (for CAConrad on the escalation of troops)
2. california as arcadia
3. down by the border (sung a capella)
4. who is not yr cousin?
5. not/quite (cows in texas)
6. where the gowanus splits in twain
7. myths of manahatta
8. washtub in the gowanus
9. gowanus canal (sung)

-steven karl