“Ann the Word” by Beauty Pill


“Ann the Word” originally surfaced nearly a decade ago as an mp3 demo on Beauty Pill’s MySpace page, unhewn with a swirling stuttered grace of samples and a whispery, almost ASMR-like haunted vocal. It’s a march to the river Styx, a tidal-slow reckoning with fate, while unafraid and embracing the often overlooked elegance of death.

At the time the song was an experiment for an already adventurous band, made more cryptic since the group went dark shortly after its posting. Many thought it would be the last we heard of leader Chad Clark as he struggled with a heart virus that was almost always fatal. Chad miraculously rallied, and the response to “Ann the Word” inspired him to subtly incorporate samples with more traditional rock instrumentation to create their 2015 album Describes Things As They Are, in which “Ann the Word” was finally completed and set free.

-Levi Rubeck

profileLevi Rubeck is a poet and critic from Wyoming, though his day job is at the MIT Press in Cambridge, MA. His chapbook Lunar Flare will be available from Argos Books in 2016, and he has poems in No, Dear, Maggy, Window Cat Press, Wreck Park, Analog, and others. He was an editor at NYU’s Washington Square Review, is a co-editor at the online journal Paperbag, and writes on games for Kill Screen. More info can be found at dangerhazzard.com.

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