Arkadii Dragomoshchenko (1946-2012)

It is with deep regret that we must report the passing of yet another brilliant poet. Arkadii Dragomoshchenko was born on February 3, 1946 in Potsdam, Germany. He moved to St. Petersburg in the late 60s and was one of Russia’s most influential poets.

Throughout his publishing career he has received many awards including the International Literary Prize in 2009.  His poems have been translated into many languages, and as a translator he has translated John Ashbery, Robert Creeley, Charles Olson, Michael Palmer and many other poets in Russian.

You can read Dragomoshchenko on Creeley here, and listen to one of his readings here.  You can also read a personal account here from Philly poet, Stan Mir, about a reading Dragomoshchenko did in 2010.

Dragmoshchenko may be gone, but his spirit, his life, and his verse lives on in each of us.



-steven karl