Atlanta: Coconut Books Now Available at SPD

Coconut Books’ catalog is now available for purchase at Small Press Distribution. In addition to their newly published titles (by Molly Brodak, Megan Kaminski, and Angela Veronica Wong) and newly distributed title (Bruce Covey’s Reveal: All Shapes & Sizes), the following Coconut backlist books are now available as well: Sueyeun Juliette Lee’s That Gorgeous Feeling, Reb Livingston’s Your Ten Favorite Words, Natalie Lyalin’s Pink & Hot Pink Habitat, Gina Myers’ A Model Year, and Jen Tynes’ Heron/Girlfriend.

See the Huffington Post for Seth Abramson’s review of Angela Veronica Wong’s How to Survive a Hotel Fire.

–Jenny Sadre-Orafai