Atlanta: Four Coconut Facts

1. When you Google the word “coconut,” coconut poetry is fourth.

2. Bruce Covey, Gina Myers, Laura Solomon, Danielle Pafunda, and Kim Gek Lin Short just released the first issue of Coconut in four years.

3. Coconut Fifteen features work by Atlanta/Athens poets Megan Volpert, Molly Brodak, Kory Calico, and Gale Marie Thompson.

4. Coconut Books now offers subscription bundles and with free shipping. You can order the $50 Fall bundle and receive all four Fall 2012 titles–Emily Toder’s Science, Hanna Andrews’ Slope Moves, Christie Ann Reynolds’ Revenge for Revenge, and Jenny Boully’s of the mismatched teacups, of the single-serving spoon. The Spring bundle is also $50 and includes Megan Kaminski’s Desiring Map, Angela Veronica Wong’s how to survive a hotel fire, Molly Brodak’s The Flood, and Bruce Covey’s Reveal.

-Jenny Sadre-Orafai