Atlanta: The Return of Coconut


Atlanta’s Coconut Books and Coconut Magazine are back in full effect. Publisher and founding editor Bruce Covey is now accepting submissions for the magazine, one of the first web-based literary journals. Covey has brought on board Gina Myers, Kim Gek Lin Short, Danielle Pafunda, and Laura Solomon as editors. They hope to launch the first new issue this summer.

Coconut Books will offer eight new titles in 2012. Four titles currently available are Molly Brodak’s chapbook The Flood and the following full-length collections–how to survive a hotel fire by Angela Veronica Wong, Desiring Map by Megan Kaminski, and Covey’s Reveal: All Shapes and Sizes, which Coconut is distributing for Bitter Cherry Books. Collections coming in October are: Slope Move by Hanna Andrews, I Am Going to Save Your Life by Christie Ann Reynolds, Like Likeness Renders by Emily Toder, and a new collection by Jenny Boully. In 2013, Coconut Books plans to publish new full-length titles by Serena Chopra, Amber Nelson, Gina Myers, plus their book contest winners and an anthology. They hope to publish one or two more titles, but those are currently top secret. SPD will stock all of the new titles, plus backlist titles by Gina Myers, Reb Livingston, Jen Tynes, Natalie Lyalin, and Sueyeun Juliette Lee. Look out for these by the end of June.

Finally, Coconut Books is sponsoring two new book prizes. The Joanna Cargill Coconut Book Prize for a First Book and The Elizabeth P. Braddock Coconut Book Prize (open to any poet with one or more previously published full-length collection). The deadline for both contests is June 30, 2012 before 6 PM EST. Covey and crew are not charging reading fees. Winners receive 25 copies of the finished book and 50% of all net profits (i.e., dollars earned by the press above total production, editorial, and marketing costs) earned by the book. Visit Coconut on Facebook for the full guidelines.

–Jenny Sadre-Orafai