“Awaiting on You All” by George Harrison


The gigantic ecstasy of this song (on repeat) has pulled me through many a long drive, dumb shoulders bopping back and forth, I promise without turning the wheel into the other lanes. Those drums! While my ears are pretty convinced he says “bed pan” in the second line—and I don’t care to know otherwise—reason kicks in and argues this can’t be the case. It feels like being in church and believing, most likely because he says “Jesus.”  This song makes me think of the most convincing pep talk. My parents would give tremendous pep talks each year, the night before the first day of school. Most of all I remember they said it was okay to be nervous. This song makes me nervous and elated in a productive way. I just remembered that sometimes when I get nervous my teeth go a little numb.

-Amanda Nadelberg

Nadelberg_2016_Headshot_OnlyAmanda Nadelberg  is the author of three books, most recently Songs from a Mountain (Coffee House Press, 2016). She lives in Oakland.

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