“Beautiful” by Wussy


“The fire chief believes, it started in the leaves . . .”

There comes a time when you begin to consider that perhaps you have burned through more of life than what lies ahead. What you leave behind and what can no longer be found fills you with curiosity, or morbid fascination.

This song is about how the wreckage of a memory may sneak up on you, so that you see it from another perspective.  A snap of light through Fall’s leafing can glint upon a truth you had not considered and the screen of your own revision is lifted. There is regret and relief, as time tends the scars in a buckeyed backdrop.

The lead singers of this band have a complex, intelligent, charmed relationship, as many Wussy songs pay tribute to. The band has been evolving since 2001. We like to think of them as an “Apocalyptic Country Punk Rock Opera Band.”  While “Beautiful” may not be amongst our top 10 favorite Wussy songs, it’s a fine model that displays their talents: musically, vocally, and thematically.

-Mike and Mary Anne Cowgill

IMG_1456Mike Cowgill is the Chief Engineer for Forklift, Ohio:  A Journal of Poetry, Cooking and Light Industrial Safety.

Mary Anne Cowgill is the only person who knows what that title means.

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