“Bebar ey abr e bahar / Rain” by Mohammadreza Shajarian


I opened my eyes and Tata was not lying beside me. The tent’s door was open. I sipped the taste of Tata’s lips on my lips which was left while I was still asleep. Mohammadreza Shajarian’s voice exudated from the heart of the desert; The song, “Rain.”

Pour down O Spring Cloud
along with my heart, in memory of my beloved’s hair

I came out of the tent. My feet sank in the damp running sand. It was just before the dawn. The moon was behind the dew-raining cloud. Tata was in the car.

In the dark night like my beloved’s hair
For Leili like Majnoun pour down, O Rain

I reached Tata. Her hand was out of the window dancing with raindrops, singing with Shajarian:

Red like the lips of my beloved
In memory of the lovers of this land
Mourning the lovers without graves
O Rain

My memories with Tata, along with Shajarian’s tune, turned rapturous all around in a instant.

I sang along Tata and Shajarian:

Ah woe to this world
They have given the moon to dark nights

and gulped her teeth.

-Mehdi Navid

Mehdi Navid-2Mehdi Navid (b. 1981) is an Iranian author, translator and editor. He is the author of The Book of Sounds, a dual language edition forthcoming from The Operating System in 2018. His previous works include a collection of poetry in Persian titled تو نیامدی بهنگام / جای تو سر شب آمد [You Didn’t Arrive in Time / Dusk Fell Instead] published by Bon-Gah publications, an unpublished novella, بطری‌ها و بدن‌ها [Bottles and Bodies] and کتاب اصوات [The Book of Sounds]. He is currently working on two novellas, one concerning an infamous historical incident which occurred in Iran the 90s involving a number of Iranian authors and another on the assassination of secular intellectuals and writers in the mid-nineties, which is known as chain-murders. He has also translated numerous works from Samuel Beckett, Richard Brautigan and William S. Burroughs to Farsi. He worked as literary general editor for Ney Publication Company, and Rokhdad-e-No Publication House. He also worked as a journalist for Karnameh Magazine. Currently, he is editor-in-chief of Pagard Publications.

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