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bill bissett

born on lunaria sum 4oo yeers ago approximatelee in lunarian time was sent 2 erth on first childrns shuttul from th at that time trubuld planet  landid in halifax   moovd 2 vancouvr at 17   moovd 2 london wher i was part uv luddites  alternativ rock band  thn toronto wher ium poet in residens at workman arts & recording with pete dako   wanting alwayze 2 xploor words n sounds n image in th writing n painting   showing paintings at th secret handshake art galleree toronto

most recent book    novel    from talonbooks   my first novel

& upcoming   hungree throat  also  talonbooks

most recent  cds      ths is erth  thees ar peopul   w pete dako

luddites  86-91   remix

& nothing will hurt   with pete dako  out now

bill bissett (dragged)


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