“Bound 2″ by Kanye West


Let’s listen to Kanye. Let’s do what Yeezy says. Fuck on the sink. Afterwards, get a glass from the cabinet–get you something to drink. Let’s worry about prenups. We made it to Thanksgiving, maybe we can make it to Christmas, but better safe than sorry. I mean, Yeezy season’s approaching. Sirens in the background. Emergency. Re-emergence. Jesus re-emerged once, but Yeezus has been figuratively crucified countless times. The emergency of being a black man in America. The emergency of miscegenation: black dick up in your spouse again. The emergency of being hunted: On Sight, Blood on the Leaves–let’s talk about lynching. Zoom forward 100 years. Let’s talk about New Slaves, about OJ, cause we’re talking about Cochran, about Judge Joe Brown, about wanting all the same things…but who has the right to judge? This is America. Land of the purple mountains we see the in beginning of the “Bound 2″ video. Americans. Bound 2 a legacy of bondage. Bound 2 our gods. I mean, have you seen Kimye’s wedding photos? Bound 2 falling in love. 

-Simone Wolff

Simone living roomSimone Wolff is an MFA student at Vanderbilt, Head Poetry Editor for the Nashville Review, social media intern for Coconut Magazine, and publications intern for Kit Yan Productions. Their work can be found in Split Lip, Finery, Inpatient Press, WE’RE HERE WE’RE QUEER zine, and is forthcoming in Souvenir.

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