“Business” by Eminem


here I come with my bop gun
you don’t wanna miss this
Sadie Hawkins is my mistress
Prom and Homecoming dissed this
I got a booty reboot
and I insist it’s
gonna grind you into dust
so kiss this

don’t make fun of this bizness
I don’t wanna fuck around with idiots
let’s shake this on down to funkytown
can I get some boxed wine?
boo yahhh

bringin’ my ham to a twerk fight
wear my 80’s jams shorts in the strobe lights
watch this broad work as I redefine cheezy
how can she be so geeksleazy
never made the cheer squad thought it’d be easy

I’m bringin’ all my moves back into play
don’t disturb this groove
watch me get this done
I’m a superladynova –
oh my hip popped
call 911
can I get an aspirin?
say whahhh?

-Carrie Naughton

IMG_3272Carrie Naughton is a freelance bookkeeper who writes speculative fiction, environmental essays, book reviews, and poetry. Her work can be read at WordsDance, Star*Line, Up The Staircase Quarterly, and NonBinary Review. Find her at carrienaughton.com – where she blogs frequently about whatever captures her interest.

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