CA Conrad Becomes Headlands Fellow This Fall


CA Conrad will be a Headlands Fellow at the Headlands Art Center this fall from September until November.

According to Conrad’s website, the poet intends to continue work on a recent project during the stay at Headlands. A detailed description of the project can be found at Conrad’s website located here.  Of the new project, the poet writes:

With the World Wildlife Fund’s latest Planet Index reporting that 52 percent of all wild vertebrate animals (i.e. mammals, birds, reptiles, fish) have vanished in the past three decades, our awareness of our collective condition has never been made clearer as dangerous.  With each newly extinct species a vibration leaves our planet and a desert is swiftly rising around us as we fill the natural sounds with beeps and grunts of machines, with sirens and the bombs and the anguish that follows.

Conrad hopes to listen closely to a “mix of extinct animal audio recordings” at Headlands. Simultaneously, the poet will meditate. The notes these meditations yield will help Conrad produce a new series of poems, focusing on the project’s aim to “resurrect extinct vibration.”

Read more about Conrad’s newest project and his fellowship at Headlands.