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Review #30: ‘Ameriscopia’ by Edwin Torres

This dystopic collection examines what it means to give voice to America via a Puerto Rican vantage point, utilizing new forms and intense repetitions to dizzying effect from chanting and ranting to narratives broken into fractured paratactic lyrics.

Review #26: ‘Sun Bear’ by Matthew Zapruder

Literary history will be merciless when it comes to our posthumous standing, most all of us surely to be erased, consigned to a dusty footnote in contemporary culture’s vast forgotten tomes, if that.

Review #23: ‘The Collected Poems of Ai’

Before the reading started, she announced, “I’m feeling horny tonight! Which of you hot gentlemen are going to drive me back to my motel when this thing is over?”

Review #22: ‘Cloud Vs. Cloud’ by Ethan Paquin

This book has all the makings of a messy mid-life meltdown wherein our Poet feels more comfortable in his man cave high up in the mountains where cloudy thought-bubbles have it out with venal and mortal shadows than he would with wife, children, and the rest of those who patiently wait in the valley below.