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Review #39: ‘The Tatters’ by Brenda Coultas

spiritual = invisible/heavenly; soulful = visible/earthy or earthly; one tends to soar, the other sink. Birds are emissaries, go-betweens in two worlds; so are whales!

Review #36: ‘And Short the Season’ by Maxine Kumin

What moves me most in this final testament is how she documents the daunting challenges women poets have faced in the past four hundred years from Duchess Margaret Cavendish (1645) to our current MFA scene.

Review #35: ‘The Ants’ by Sawako Nakayasu

“When I tell the story about the man who came up to me and opened up his bag and offered me one of a teeming million wiggling ants in his bag, the whole table goes silent and I am reminded all over again how hard it is to get along with the women in this country”

‘Biting the Apple’ by Jeanie Greensfelder

He ghosts about the house,

reminding me to take out the trash,

to push the can for pickup,

to find the paper in the bushes,

and to start coffee.

He’d do it, but he’s gone on retreat.
We each practice losing the other.