Celebrate Launch of Real Pants and John Dermot Woods Novel at Bindle and Keep


The new literary website Real Pants will celebrate its recent launch this weekend at Bindle and Keep in Brooklyn. The event is also meant to celebrate the release of novelist John Dermot Woods’s The Baltimore Atrocities.

The event will be hosted by Real Pants and Coffee House Press on the evening of Saturday January 24th. In addition to a reading by Woods, the evening will feature Popeye’s Fried Chicken, caviar and champagne, according to the Facebook event page.

Other readers will include Sarah Jean Alexander, Elisa Gabbert, Kristen Iskandrian, RM O’Brien, Justin Taylor and Real Pants co-founder Amy McDaniel.

Festivities will begin at 8pm. Bindle and Keep is located at 47 Hall Street #109 in Brooklyn, New York.