Cihlar, Wangler for Firecracker in St. Louis

The Firecracker Press of St. Louis, Missouri, hosted a poetry reading on Saturday, August 20, at 2:00 PM featuring James Cihlar and Joshua Wangler. Founded in 2002, the design studio and letterpress shop creates posters, broadsides, chapbooks, and stationery. It also prints literary journals in collaboration with publishers. Located on Cherokee Street, a diverse, historic district that is witnessing increased independent business development, the shop uses antique printing technology to create new and original materials.

James Cihlar is the author of Undoing (Little Pear Press, 2008) and Metaphysical Bailout (Pudding House Press, 2010). He read “The Projectionist,” “King Arthur and His Mob,” “Quality Street,” “Firmament Shutdown,” and “The Two James Cihlars.”  Joshua Wangler is a student at Truman State University. He read, “laughed and,” “Me you and the delawares,” “A walk,” “Baptism,” and “A conversation from the day when I turned five years old.” While the two read in the printing area of the shop to a crowd arranged on occasional chairs, shop owner Eric Woods printed broadsides featuring excerpts of their poems. As part of an annual reading series, the broadsides are collected into a portfolio at the end of the year, which are available as a set or singly from the shop.