‘constant dripping wears (not only) the stone…’ by Renald Deppe


constant dripping wears (not only) the stone… 
pain-stream-music, for all my lost friends east of the moon (& west of the sun.)


About the vis- and audible… 

Everything that is audible, does not have to appear visible to us.
Everything that appears visible to us, can affect audible.

Everything that visibly affects, doesn’t have to be audible to us.
Everything that is audible to us, can affect visible.

Everything that affects audible, doesn’t have to affect visible.
Everything that is visible to us, can affect audible.





Renald Deppe was born in Bochum in 1955. He studied clarinet and composition at the Folkwang University in Essen and received his further musical education in Berlin and at the University of Music and the Performing Arts, Vienna. He has played the saxophone and clarinet in ensembles for classical, contemporary and improvised music. Deppe was the founder and the artistic director of several festivals and cultural initiatives. Parallel to his work as promoter, curator and concept designer of music projects aside from mainstream listening habits, Deppe made himself a name as composer. His work focuses on chamber music, music theatre, graphic-sheet music, interdisciplinary project design, installations and sound graphics. With his ensemble “Capella con Durezza”, founded in 1992 and bringing together artists from varying domains and instrumentation, Deppe systematically develops theme-oriented programmes (Kurt Weill, Charles Mingus, Bert Brecht, Duke Ellington, Second Viennese School, anthems, German Schlager, Hugo Wolf etc.), in which multimedia techniques (film, literature, performance) are used in addition to jazz embellishments as well as principles of contemporary music and its improvisation techniques.

Even as a composer, Renald Deppe sometimes moves aside from tradition. Skillfully, he puts his musical ideas into graphics. These graphic notations, which rather correspond to a description of emotions and conditions, are pieces of art in their own right. Ronald Deppe creates his compositions using Indian ink and water colour techniques. They sound as delicate as his pictures appear and are of most filigree quality for everybody. You do not have to be a musician to wander through these musical landscapes.


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Festival Glatt & Verkehrt 2014

Tonhof : Maria Saal 2014

Hundsturm ::: San Ignacio

Donaueschinger Musiktage 2014

lost & found



galerie splitter art


Can one see music ? Can one hear music with one’s eyes? Yes, one can.

Do you need to have learned how to read scores? No, not necessarily.

Do you have to have a special inner disposition? Yes, absolutely indispensible.

And what would that be?

An appetite for the perfect picture, a predisposition for vivid tonal daydreaming and a curiosity for excursions into your inner self.

Renald Deppe is inviting us to participate with his graphic scores.

Please accept the invitation………