Construction Worker Wins Poetry Contest for Migrant Workers in Singapore


In Singapore, Zakir Hussain Khokhon, a Bangladeshi construction worker, won first prize in a poetry contest dedicated to migrant workers.

Khokhon, who is 36 years of age, wrote the winning poem titled “Pocket 2.” He noted, “Writing helps me relieve stress, makes me happy and (helps me) make conversation with other Bangladeshi workers.”

His poem was chosen from a list of ten finalists, which had been whittled down from over 80 submissions. According to an article inĀ Today, Khokhon’s poem, as well as many others, expressed a “longing for [the] homeland,” and other themes that dominated the submissions “included religion, work stress and political issues in both Bangladesh and Singapore.”

The finalists had the opportunity to perform their work in front of a live audience at the National Library on Sunday evening. According to one attendee, “the recital was very insightful and opened up a new world.”

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