Danielle Legros Georges Becomes Poet Laureate of Boston


Boston’s chief of arts and culture Julie Burros announced last Monday that Professor Danielle Legros Georges of Lesley University will be Boston’s newest poet laureate.

Georges is known as a scholar of contemporary American poetry, African American poetry and Caribbean literature and studies. She is also a translator. According to The Artery, Georges has a BS in communication studies, which she earned at Emerson College, and she also holds an MFA in English, creative writing from NYU. Her book Maroon was published by Curbstone Books in 2001.

A Haitian-American, Georges has emphasized the importance of diversity and “plurality.” On the Massachusetts’ Poetry Festival website, Georges writes:

America is best when it recognizes its inherent plurality. Americans are best when, embracing plurality, we move toward and seek to understand those around us. Americans are best when we are engaged and dialogic. Not presuming sameness paradoxically allows us to arrive at shared qualities. It allows us to see that, though different in many ways, de Crèvecoeur, Wheatley, and Lazarus, were each immigrants or the daughter of immigrants. They were bicultural, and bilingual, if not speakers of several languages.

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