“Das Rheingold: Act 1, Prelude” by Richard Wagner


I love drone.

I love preludes.

A poet read my palm recently and said my “soulmate line” was missing.

Cool, because apparently you have to renounce love to get the gold to make the ring.

In one of my favorite New Yorker cartoons, a fleet of Nordic ships approaches a beach.  A guy points at the ominous cluster and shouts, “Run for your lives! It’s the full ‘Ring’ Cycle!” I know it’s almost inexcusable but I’m going to make you listen to Wagner because I’m having a hard time.  This prelude has always helped me get out of bed when I’m depressed.  Its ever-ascendant, nearly minimalist drone contains a kind of pleasurable torture—I know at any moment the shriek of some Rhinemaiden (!!!) will cut in abruptly and ruin everything. And she always does. It’s like a histrionic stab at your sad, vibroscope body. Just wait for it. Fine, fine I’m getting up.


-Emily Skillings

1069234_857704466557_1954835589_nEmily Skillings is a dancer and poet. Her chapbook, Linnaeus: The 26 Sexual Practices of Plants is forthcoming from No, Dear/ Small Anchor Press. Skillings dances for the A.O. Movement Collective and The Commons Choir (Daria Faïn and Robert Kocik) and presents her own choreography in New York. She lives in Brooklyn, where she is a member of Belladonna* Collaborative, a feminist poetry collective and event series. This fall she will begin her graduate studies at Columbia University.

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