Doller Gets Spontaneous in DC

On Thursday, Nov 18th, poetry lovers made their way over to the monthly reading series Cheryl’s Gone, hosted at Big Bear Cafe on the border of NE/NW DC.  The series is currently curated by Wade Fletcher and Joe Hall.

The evening included Nicole Foreman Tong, Stripmall Ballads, Sandra Doller, and her husband, Ben Doller. You can read the Coldfront review of Ben Doller’s lastest book, Dead Ahead, here. Set-list and explanation from Doller himself below:

“I read sections of my poem from FAQ: one that is google-sourced from a hundred sentences using a “my name is______________ and I’m a __________” construction.

I read 20-sentence packages of these sentences, and in between each of these I interspersed a poem from either of my newer books, Dead Ahead and FAQ:. I originally stuck some Post-its in the books to mark what pieces I would read, but abandoned these and chose poems more spontaneously, and now that list is lost.”

-Joe Hall & steven karl