“Easter” by Patti Smith


We never listened to this song together, but we both listen to it every Easter. When I hear it, I picture us walking through a graveyard, you in that long green coat you wore when you were 19. The ground beneath us is mostly frozen but thawed enough that dirt enters the treads on our shoes.  These days, you barely speak to me. I think you find my suffering distasteful. “I found I could extinguish all human hope from my soul,” Arthur Rimbaud, Patti Smith’s hero, wrote. Here Patti sings about him and his siblings walking to church on Easter Sunday. There is a triumphant ache in her voice. After all, Easter is the day for rebirth, renewal, even hope.   And Rimbaud could still believe in Easter. Maybe you and I will forgive each other after all. All is glowing.

-Erin Lyndal Martin

Wilmar4_sizedErin Lyndal Martin is a poet, fiction writer, and music journalist based in Madison WI. You can find her at http://erinlyndalmartin.tumblr.com or on Twitter at @erinlyndal.

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