Erkskine J. and Beullah Rose Poetry Prizes

Smartish Pace, a Baltimore-based poetry review, is the sponsor of two upcoming poetry prizes. The Erskine J. Poetry Prize is open to all poets and has a fast-approaching September 1st deadline. The Beullah Rose Poetry Prize is open to women writers and has an October 1st deadline.

Of the Erskine J. Prize, Smartish Pace editor Stephen Reichert says, “In a dozen years the EJ prize has published an awesome collection of poetry. Poems from new poets, old poets, one who won a Pulitzer years after winning the EJ Prize. We’re not saying you will win a Pulitzer after winning the EJ Prize, we’re just saying it’s likely. Okay we are saying you will later win a Pulitzer. You will. But first win the EJ Prize. Win, lose or finalist, Stephen enjoys reading your submissions.”

The nitty-gritty details for the contests look something like this:

–Six winners and finalists published in Smartish Pace.

–First Prizes: $200 each.

–Fee: $5 for 3 poems, $1 each additional poem, payable to “Smartish Pace.”

–Submit at

or with SASE to:  Smartish Pace, P.O. Box 22161, Baltimore, MD 21203.


—Sam Woodworth, Baltimore/D.C. Editor