“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star


You were such a cliché; filthy denim, nod bands, and heroin; even the 90’s got tired of itself; but you tended to your fade into sunken-eye-chic and track marks that go on for days, baby; slept your teens away; you were such a cliché; stomping around the Lower East Side for that chatty, comfortable high; like a plateau or a boat ride; post-op bliss before the stiches itch; fade into you was such a cliché; with your needle exchange card and the gun of rebellion pointed at your own chest; detox; detox; return to the rooms; you saved that album; you can’t play that album; you cut lines on that album; at first track, you’re lights out; So Tonight that I May See nothing; haven’t touched dope in 13 years but you’re lights out; sucked in to the dream you wish you dreamt when you were sweating off the dope and scratching at the shredded walls of trauma, memory, trauma; you are such a cliché.

-Jen Fitzgerald

Jen Author PhotoJen Fitzgerald is a poet, essayist, and a native New Yorker who received her MFA in Poetry at Lesley University. She is the host of the New Books in Poetry Podcast, a member of New York Writers Workshop, and was a Bread Loaf 2014 Conference participant. She teaches/will be teaching “Writing the Silence,” a workshop she created to help writers interrogate the synaptic leaps in their work, for LitReactor, New York Writers Workshop at the New York Public Library, and Split This Rock. Her first collection of poetry, The Art of Work which features photographs by Thomas Sayers Ellis, is forthcoming with Noemi Press in Summer 2016. Her work has been featured on PBS Newshour and Harriet: The Poetry Foundation Blog and in Tin House, Salon, PEN Anthology, and AAWW: Open City, among others. She is now in the D.C. area and at work on her memoir.

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