“Family” by Noah Gundersen


Poor Jax Teller is having a hard time. He’s zooming around on his Harley, brooding. It’s not so much gunrunning, drug muleing, etc., as it is family. Enter Noah Gundersen’s song: “Say something awful / as if fucking the world was your right.” It’s a song about explosive violence, lying under the surface of men whose lives revolve around getting loaded and acting shitty. It’s also about mindfulness.

The organized crime motorcycle family that make up Sons of Anarchy reminds me of poets. We create clubs of like-minded people to protect and support one another, aspiring to a common goal. We drink too much.

“I wanted to ask you  / Man, what do you do in the daylight?”

What matters is our daylight actions. Even when life spins out of control, we have to face pain with honest purpose.  Remember: it doesn’t matter if family are “hookers in heals,” drunk gunrunners, or poets—it’s how we treat one another. And what good we can offer in this world, before we fizzle out.

-Bianca Stone

10580791_547454869748_7174442692660360056_oBianca Stone is a poet and visual artist. Her books include the poetry collection Someone Else’s Wedding Vows (Tin House/Octopus Books 2014), Antigonick, a hybrid collaboration with Anne Carson (New Directions 2012), and an ongoing poetry comic-book series from Factory Hollow Press. She is co-founder/editor of the press Monk Books, runs the Ruth Stone Foundation in Vermont and Brooklyn.

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