Featured Readings-NYC Editions

Between Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens there are readings happening every night. Each Sunday, Coldfront will feature five upcoming readings.

Monday, May 28, 2012 7pm

Triptych Readings

Alan Gilbert, Mel Nichols, Nathaniel Otting

The 11th St. Bar

510 East 11th St., New York, NY

Tuesday, May 29, 2012  6pm sharp

Boog City Presents Mondo Bummer

MONDO BUMMER authors Jedidiah Clarke, Thom Donovan, Brenda Iijima, Lauren Ireland, Lily Ladewig, Nate Logan, Kendra Grant Malone, Thurston Moore, Matthew Savoca, Sparrow, Leigh Stein, Adam Tobin, Zack Tuck, and Anna Vitale.

ACA Galleries

529 west 20th street, 5th floor, New York, NY

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 8pm

Mental Marginalia

Sampson Starkweather is a founding editor of Birds, LLC, an independent poetry press. He is the author of a bunch of shit you’ve never heard of. He’s writing a performative book of poetry in which actors play an invisible game of tennis, called The Tennis Court Oath by John Ahsberry by Sampson Starkweather, and a meta-pseudo-memoir called Bubba King and the Fruitfly Afterlife. El vive en Brooklyn.

Beth Amodeo, the first fiction writer to infiltrate the poetry lair of Mental Marginalia, tried to publish her premier novel at the age of twelve. It was about a kangaroo with magical powers who fought arduously to protect a powerful rock in the center of the earth from an evil dingo who wanted to rule the universe – written in comic sans font (size 14) and maxing out at a whopping 275 pages. One-hundred literary agents in New York City declined representation, so she started writing other stuff that magazines have recently begun publishing. This past Fall, her story, “The Repository Emporium,” was awarded first place in the H.O.W. Journal Fiction contest. Her other work has appeared in NY Underscore, The Literary Review and is forthcoming in Carrier Pigeon. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from The New School.

Dolan Morgan’s work has appeared in The Lifted Brow, Field, TRNSFR, Contrary, apt, Pear Noir!, Cricket Online Review, Eclectica, Prick of the Spindle, The Believer and numerous other journals across the globe. He primarily wears women’s pants, specifically flared black pants from the adolescent girl’s section of Kohl’s department store and has a dead twin. A teacher of self-waterboarding as a relaxation treatment, he is currently cataloging every airplane hijacking in human history and turning each into myth. If you buy his ebook, Google Place Reviews, he will take your money and throw it away in the street. A member of the collective, 1441, Dolan lives and writes in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Genevieve Burger-Weiser’s poems have been published in or are forthcoming from Boston Review, Armchair/Shotgun, Washington Square Review, Western Humanities Review, The Coffin Factory, The Nervous Breakdown, Juked, and CRATE. Her work was recently a finalist for The Coffin Factory’s 2012 poetry prize, commended for the 2012 Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Competition and shortlisted for the 2011 Live Canon poetry prize. She was a finalist for the Poetry Foundation’s 2009 Ruth Lilly Fellowship, and a winner of Poets & Writers’ 2009 Amy Award. She has taught at Columbia University and currently teaches at Manhattanville College. She reviews books for the blog Thethepoetry.com, and makes her home in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

West Brooklyn

379 Union Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 2pm  $10 (Workshop)

CAConrad is giving a (soma)tics exercise workshop in New York. Meet entrance on W. 81st Street and Central Park. The workshop is $10.

Wednesday MAY 30, 2012 7:00pm $5  (Reading)

CAConrad and Eileen Myles are reading with other poets in New York, to be followed by a performance by Yvonne Meier. Reading is $5 ($4 with Day Pass). Meet entrance on W. 81st Street and Central Park.

Central Park, New York, NY

Saturday,  June 2, 2012 8pm  $5

Emotive Fruition: All Stars

the best poems from our inaugural year.
starring eight actors and over twenty poets.

emotive fruition: ALL STARS
curated and directed by thomas dooley

the actors
luke forbes, sevan greene, rebecca harris, vin knight, kayla maloney, peter rothbard, & molly ward

the poets
jeffery berg, brit blalock, emily brandt, will dowd, jan edwards, julia guez, m.k. hall, paul hlava, saeed jones, jennifer l. knox, david mcloghlin, alex morris, lauren neefe, elsbeth pancrazi, james pergola, cat richardson, matthew rohrer, diana salier, jason schneiderman, ryan stechler, monica wendel & rachel zucker.

$5 at the door and drink specials at the bar.
get a beverage, drink in the poems.

The Bowery Poetry Club

308 Bowery, New York, NY


-steven karl