First Multifarious Array of 2012

Nestled within the back room of Pete’s Candy Store, the first Multifarious Array of 2012 launched on January 6th. Instead of being hosted by Dorothea Lasky, the series welcomed back its founder, Sommer Browning, who returned to host and read. The other readers included Steven Zultanski, Noah Eli Gordon, and Harmony Holiday.

Browning read entirely new work including a poem “Drinks with Sam.” You can watch the video of  here.

Steven Zultanski read two longer poems titled, “Mouth” and “Self-portrait for Abortion.”

Noah Eli Gordon also read from a longer work titled “The Famous Poet is Despondent.”

Harmony Holiday, the author of Negro League Baseball (Fence Books, 2011), read new poems riffing off the film Ganja & Hess.

Here’s Holiday’s set-list:

“Church and State”

“Appear Surreal”

“A Dictionary of Imaginary Places”

“B-sides for my Idol (idle?) Try-outs”

“A Guide To Our Discipline”

Holiday’s reading also included a listening to re-edited sound-bites from the film.


More photos from the event can be found here.