Five Pieces by Stephanie Strange

Strange Cover

1- 1428typ.Turning Motion

Turning Motion


2 - 1429typ.Black Mark of Ambiguity

Black Mark of Ambiguity


3 -1430typ.Four Winds.2

Four Winds


4 - 1431typ.Empty Mountain.2

Empty Mountain


5 - 1432typ.Systems Philosophy.2

Systems Philosophy


Stephanie Strange (b. Dallas, 1970) is an interdisciplinary artist with an extensive venue of typewriter-inspired art including work typed on manual typewriters, sculptures, typed poetry, and interactive presentations. Her work is found in permanent public collections, featured in exhibitions in the U.S. and collected internationally. Strange observes energy of communication as a growing life form and investigates the myriad effect of its existence through the application of subject, medium and method. Her work tells visual poetic stories of the juxtaposition of amorphous organic ideas allegorized in simple elements.