from ‘Drift’ by Caroline Bergvall



The texts are composed using the language and themes of the Seafarer, an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poem from the 10th century, sea travels as depicted in the Icelandic and Greenland sagas, as well as official material from the Left-to-Die Boat case of 2012. It is in direct continuity with Caroline Bergvall’s strongly interdisciplinary practice as a writer and a performer. Her commitment to multilingual and postcolonial politics, her exploration into transitory or emerging languages, as well as her interest in using historcal material to reflect on the contemporary are all in play here in the most ambitious and interconnected manner. The live voice taps into a range of registers from spoken text, to phonetic games, to half sung melodic lines and didactic delivery. The Drift performance includes Caroline Bergvall, live voice, Ingar Zach, live percussion and Thomas Köppel, live data work.




Caroline Bergvall / concept and overall composition/ texts / live voice
Writer and artist who works across artforms, media and languages. Of French-Norwegian background, based in London. She is a strong exponent of writing methods adapted to contemporary audiovisual and contextual concerns and multilingual identities. Her artistic and critical investigations explore performative language use and fluctuating forms of cultural belonging. Through micro-structural methods of work and the impact of sparse displays she revisits literary models and tackles difficult historical and political events. Projects alternate between collaborative performances, installations, audio works, books, net based works as well as drawings and graphic pieces. Website: