“Glamorous Life” by Sheila E


Here’s the thing: you need the nine-minute version of “Glamorous Life.” The lyrics cast a woman with confidence & desires, one worse than a gold-digger—actually  independent, as secretly wanting love’s cage. But what hooked me on this song as a child was not Prince’s judgey shittiness, but Sheila E’s blur in singing the line “She don’t need a man’s touch,” was glamour’s allure. And what gets me now about this song is Sheila E’s five-minute percussion solo, stretching Prince’s perfect pop melody into playfully virtuosic & ass-shaking territories, jettisoning bullshit & transforming the song from within. And this is the part of the song that never ends.

-Mathias Svalina

mathias svalina author photo w dogsMathias Svalina is the author of four books, most recently Wastoid from Big Lucks Books, and is an editor for Octopus Books.

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