“Gone for Good” by The Shins


I listen to music that reflects my mood. Reflect is dangerously close to perpetuate. I’ll listen to albums on repeat for months or years on end. I’m still listening to The Weeknd and Rhye’s Woman from some feelings I got last year…

Early in 2010, I got on an alt-country/bluegrass kick. Band of Horses. The Avett Brothers. The Shins. Because I got divorced. I got divorced on the same day that my poet friends Sommer and Noah got married. We tweeted to each other, unknowing and both a little afraid maybe. It was a weird thing. They were in love, and I was just starting a long float around, but always hopeful for that sturdiness.

Eight months and a world of travel later, headphones in, listening to “Gone for Good,” I took a titanium ring and left it on the railroad tracks where I-25 meets I-10. This is a little cliche or whatever, doing something a song tells you to do, recreating someone else’s moment, but for me it was ritual.

-Robert Alan Wendeborn

rawendebornRobert Alan Wendeborn puts the bubbles in the beer at Ska Brewing. His poetry, reviews, and art have been featured in Pank, Sink Review, The Collagist, and other other cool places. His first chapbook, a long collaborative poem with poet Krystal Languell, will be out this spring from DoubleCross Press, and his first book, The Blank Target, will be out on April 6, 2015 from The Lettered Streets Press. He lives and writes and loves in Durango Colorado.

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