“Ground Hog” by The Watson Family


My mother grew up in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where groundhog was served at a ceremonial dinner she attended in high school, but she declined to try it. In Virginia, where I live, I met a man who said he liked it pickled. In this song, groundhog is a treat (“They love that groundhog stewed and fried!”) and a springboard for embellishment: humor-filigree on a life of toil. “There’s two in a hole and one in a log; two for ma sugar baby, one for ma dog.”

You go out to shoot a rodent because the only food in the house is “a piece of bread laying on the shelf” and it’s an hour and a half until you come back with the meat, but when you do, your brood is elated and sated; what’s adventure, if not this? I hear a whole way of life within the boastful line “Make the best shoestrings ever was tied.” There are various versions; compare and yell along. As odd and perfect as Mother Goose, and as likely to stick to the ribs.

-Erika Howsare

HeadShot1Erika Howsare, with Kate Schapira, is the author of the collaborative book FILL: A Collection, published last year by Trembling Pillow Press. She has also published several chapbooks with horse less press and Octopus Books. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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