‘hand in machine’ by cris cheek

creek cover

Most of the pieces I have made over the past few years started out as lo or even no tech marks made by hand. They are transformed by isolating and morphing details, or data bending, or some kind of editorial filtering and highlighting. I am always looking for and listening to things that relate to, or suggest, or converse with sites of writing and syntax formation. I am often looking for interplays and balances between melody, rhythm and noise at the edges of the spoken and the written.

1 for bob cobbing4

for bob cobbing

2 intraletter spaces

intraletter spaces


3 E-1


4 docks


5 in a wall

in a wall

6 sporting embroidery 1

sporting embroidery 1


black walnut for Dana

8 villageletters

village letters


cris cheek is a documentary poet. He worked alongside Bob Cobbing and Bill Griffiths in the mid 1970s to run a thriving free print shop. Most recent publications are the church, the school, the beer (Critical Documents, 2007) and part: short life housing (The Gig, 2009). He lives in Northside, Cincinnati and teaches at Miami University.