“Heaven” by Bryan Adams, covered by Boyce Avenue


The Dominican from the Bronx thought it’d be fun to let the iTunes Shuffle dictate the mood in the room, while we night-hugged.  I agreed (although would come to regret all those showtunes I’d uploaded, all those many years ago).  Well so at some point this cover of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” came on and she laughed and asked “why the hell do you have this?”  So I told about the time I cried listening to it (living room, heartbreak), and how I liked covers; an artist interpreting the work of another, and wasn’t that my practice anyhow – reading Koch or Kinnell or Olds or Tate, and then doing my own imitation-variations thereafter?  To which the Dominican smiled and said, “alright, so, cover me.”  A cheesy line, to be sure, but I like cheesy (see: this song!) and it worked, anyhow: two weeks later and I can’t stop thinking about her.

-Josh Lefkowitz

Josh LefkowitzJosh Lefkowitz received an Avery Hopwood Award for Poetry at the University of Michigan, and won the 2013 Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Prize.  His poems have been published in Court GreenConduitOpen Letters MonthlyThe HairpinTheThePoetryOhio Edit, and elsewhere.  His essays have been published at The Rumpus and The Huffington Post, and he has recorded work for NPR’s All Things Considered and BBC’s Americana.  In February 2014 he was selected by Relapse Magazine as one of New York’s top contemporary poets.  In May 2014 he adjudicated a nationwide youth poetry contest, alongside Chelsea Clinton and Reggie Dwayne Betts.  In December 2014 he was a finalist for the Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize. Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, he currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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