HiFi Bar To Hold Reading in Honor of Surveillance Anthology ‘WATCHLIST’

hi fi

On July 3rd, HiFi Bar on Avenue A in Alphabet City will host a reading of contributors to the recent anthology WATCHLIST. The anthology contains work related to the experience of living in a “surveillance state,” according to the Facebook event page.

WATCHLIST attempts to answer complicated questions of the contemporary world. Such questions include “How does constant surveillance affect us? Does it change how we behave as we seek approval or judgment from an often faceless audience? Do we know who’s watching? What does it mean to be watched?”

HiFi regularly holds readings as part of the HiFi Reading series, which aims to provide exposure to “undiscovered” artists. This special reading in honor of WATCHLIST will include readers Miles Klee, Mark Chiusano and Miracle Jones.

Miles Klee and Mark Chiusano are fiction writers and essayists, and of Miracle Jones the Facebook invite simply states that “Miracle Jones is from Texas. He is a Sagittarius. He is a very private person.”

Poet Amy King will also read. King is the author of I Want to Make You Safe, published by Litmus Press in 2011. She is an educator at SUNY Nassau Community College, and she is an integral part of VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, serving on the Executive Board. Earlier this year, King won the Women’s National Book Association Award.

Find out more about the reading and readers here. Also, learn more about WATCHLIST and order your copy here.