“I Am Sitting in a Room” by Alvin Lucier


This was not the maddening repetition of a nagging adult. It seemed to me, in my early 20’s when I first heard it on the radio while sitting in a dark, tiny workspace, that this carefully and gently spoken statement of intention as it transformed into a different language with each progressively distortive echo was a unique statement of a time and place, reflecting some notion that each of our lives or movements in periods of our lives are efforts to resonate a message of our existence. It was the sound of some deep space, a whale’s song, both devastating and lovely.

When I got the CD, sometimes I would sit with cigarettes and a drink and be still, and occasionally it replaced The Cocteau Twins as my sleeping music. Listening to it again now, it’s kind of amazing that it’s 45 years old.

-Linda Trimbath

Linda Trimbath bio photoLinda Trimbath is a freelance bookbinder and artist as well as an editor for Ugly Duckling Presse. She is located in Brooklyn, NYC.

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