“I Think This is My Exit” by The One AM Radio


Something about nostalgia…

1. For college I moved 6 hours north to a sleepy town along the coast. It was my first time being away from home. I was already older than the average transfer student, vegan, and straightedge. I moved into a dorm with five strangers, and hated them. My only solitude was listening to music. Enter: Hrishikesh Hirway. “I think this is my exit” saved me. The line ​home is not so far away​ rang truer than anything else.

2. The One Am Radio played a show at a venue in Garden Grove, yet another DIY spot that only lasted a few months. My friend did sound, and I was mostly there to hang out and snark at the indie kids. He came on stage with a drum machine and electric guitar, everyone sat on the floor. Cool blue lights outlined him from behind. It was beautiful.

-Erick Sáenz

erick saenzErick Sáenz is a 1st generation Latinx from Los Angeles, currently living in San Jose. He is a contributing editor for the online place-based magazine Cheers from the Wasteland. In 2017 he started a poetry series called Saplings. In addition to several self-published chapbooks and zines, his work can be found at Entropy, Alien Mouth, Elderly Magazine, Pinball, and Hobart Pulp. He drinks too much coffee. Sussuros a mi Padre, his first book, is forthcoming from The Operating System in 2018. 

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