“I Want You” performed by Fiona Apple


This song is like when you found out your ex was cheating and you were thinking real hard about what the insides of bodies looked like—you know? Like, you were getting into a real weird headspace? That’s what was happening to Elvis Costello when he wrote this song. Shit got INTENSE. Only, like, he didn’t realize it? Listen to his version of the song. It’s like a baby crying. Like, a baby doesn’t know what it wants; it just knows it’s upset. Costello doesn’t know why he’s saying crazy things in this song until Fiona Apple explains it to him. Fiona Apple explains the fuck out of this song, by singing it like her heart is actually falling out. Look at him. Look at her. Look at the lyrics, “You had your fun, you don’t get well no more.” Look at Apple breathing when the song is over.

-Laura Theobald

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 2.37.08 AMLaura Theobald is the author of the chapbooks edna poems (Lame House Press), the best thing ever (Boost House), and eraser poems (H_NGM_N). She is an MFA candidate at LSU, where she serves as the current Editor of New Delta Review. She is also Assistant Editor of Spooky Girlfriend Press, and a Book Designer for BOAAT. Her poems have appeared recently in Pinwheel, Sink Review, Black Warrior Review, The Atlas Review, and Everyday Genius, among others. She can be found oneline at lauratheobald.net and @lidleida.

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