“Identity” by X-Ray Spex


Poly Styrene, the angel-brain of X-Ray Spex, had visions of pink lights.   So I’m a child of the 80s, but this 70s British punk band comes at me from a future. Styrene likes to write songs about being “reared with appliances.” Or other transmissions from a bigger autonomy. This makes sense because you see Styrene’s braces and feel firmly saturated with solecism. Utilities can be mistakes too. What could be more grounding than writing songs like she’s tracing her fingers across wall outlets. I’m feeling panicky on my way into the city and sometimes this makes me remember a picture of her with a windmill and a power plant behind her. All this different, excess power. A light to read by.

-Brooke Ellsworth

unnamed (3)Brooke Ellsworth is author of Serenade, forthcoming from Octopus Books in 2017.  She is a lives and writes in Peekskill, NY.  For more information: brookeellsworth.com.

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