“I’ll Be Here In The Morning” by Townes Van Zandt

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Songs are created in all kinds of ways but may soon seep into a somewhere within us. It can be hard to tell someone you love them, and equally hard when you don’t tell. Townes Van Zandt as of recent has touched me and I’m grateful to be coming across the existence of such good things. “I’ll Be Here In The Morning” intimates the quietest of scenes from behind a scrim. The story delivered in kind of a sprite whisper, makes and somehow keeps a promise of arrival, but a something else says in the clarity of certainty and careful words the same is already gone. And sometimes there are moments when life and music may coincide, and in still and present softness comes the return and surprise of something or someone thought of as gone forever, for a while.

Merry Fortune

IMG_1215Merry Fortune is the author of Ghosts By Albert Ayler, Ghosts By Albert Ayler (Futurepoem books 2006), and Deep Red Guild (Straw Gate Books 2012). She lives and works around New York City.

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