Small press marathon in Philly


On Saturday, October 16th, Kim Gek Lin Short (The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits) and Debrah Morkun (Projection Machine) curated a small press reading marathon. The reading took place at Fergie’s Pub located in Center City, Philadelphia.  A large crowd turned out to support the eight readers: James Belflower, Dan Magers, Andy Devine, Kate Greenstreet, Joe Hall, Adam Robinson, myself and Ben Segal.  Hall read from a sequence, so here’s his set list including the first line and page number, all from his debut book on Black Ocean,  Pigafetta Is My Wife.

1. “On the first island no stream or spring…” (pg 5)
2. “Dear Cheryl, listen…” (pg 6)
3. “On the 8th of September…” (pg 7)
4. “A science museum–” (pg 8)
5. “And where does Magellan’s body molder…” (pg 9)
6. “A mouse brings a ducat…” (pg 12)
7. “It’s 3:53 in the morning…” (pg 13)
8. “Bacan, Makian, Motir…” (pg 30 – 28) (Poem backwards, line by line)
9. “The outline turning…” (pg 15)

–Steven Karl